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The Eurasian Metallurgical Plant started working in the industrial zone of Almaty

The launch of a plant for the production of copper and aluminum wire rods worth more than 12 billion tenge took place in the industrial zone of Almaty in January 2021. The production volume will be more than 25,000 tons of products per year. The company has created an additional 80 jobs. The project covers Kazakhstan’s needs for innovative products with a significant share of exports to Russia, China, the Persian Gulf countries and the EAEU.
It is worth noting that the Eurasian Power Plant includes several production facilities. At the first stage, in September 2018, the investment company launched a plant for the production of cable and wire products EVRAZKABEL, with a production capacity of more than 100,000 km of cable per year. More than 100 people are provided with jobs.

«Kazakhstan’s needs for innovative enterprises are very high. Kazakhstan has a rich raw material base, has a favorable geographical location, and pursues an active investment policy. However, the share of manufacturing industry remains low. In 2018, the republic’s losses due to the import of electrical products amounted to more than $ 2 billion. According to the plans of the investment company KMK Investment, it is planned to annually launch unique manufacturing facilities on the territory of the plant, which will be able to provide the domestic market with 100% finished high-quality products. The share of Kazakhstan content will be 98-100% in each product produced by 2022, «— said Andrey Prikhodko, Deputy General Director of KMC Investment LLP.

In the following years, the investment company plans to launch the production of polyethylene and propylene, ultralight cable trays made of alloys in the industrial zone of Almaty, as well as open a research institute in the field of innovative developments.

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